I worked with Janeese on buying my first home as she was referred to me by a friend.  My experience was about as perfect as it gets.  I didn´t have a clue, but she guided me through the process and it was seamless and fun!

 So, when Jeff and I decided to buy a home together, naturally Janeese was who we were going to work with.  After having a meeting to meet Jeff and to hear what we were looking for, we were off and running.  Jeff and I were addicted to the cool listings program that she linked us up to.  After 2 offers and 2 failed inspections you´d think she´d be pretty tired of us, but she always had a great sense of humor, sound advice and a calm guiding hand.  She really made it a wonderful experience3;again! 

 Jeff and I called her almost anytime something popped into our heads as if we were her only clients, how annoying is that?  But she accepted our calls cheerfully, got back to us almost immediately and took excellent care of our frazzled nerves.  We were frazzled because at the same time as looking to buy a home, I was selling my home.  She was so perfect during that process too.  I didn´t´ handle strangers in my house very well and she listened to my rants.  And when a potential deal fell through she was on to the next prospect with out missing a beat.  She made it easy.

 My home is now sold, Jeff and I are settling into the home of our dreams.  A home we may not have been able to purchase had Janeese not gone to bat for us yet again.  We were in second place for this home and we really wanted it bad!!!  Janeese made sure that we put an undeniable offer in and positioned us perfectly.  Needless to say were busy painting walls and arranging furniture in a house we really love.

 Jeff was impressed with her professionalism, honesty and over all good nature.  He always said that she is the hardest working woman in real estate.  We only have one regret.  We bought the home of our dreams, so we may not have the honor to work with Janeese again.  I guess we´ll have to buy a beach house!

Janeese, we refer you to anyone who asks and even those who don´t you are the best in the business in our opinion.

Thanks for everything, we had the best experience we could possibly have had and we owe that entirely to you.

 With deep affection and thanks,

Jeff and Arlene

Hi JJ,


Thanks for your great and informative emails. Keep em coming. I’m so happy you are helping Erin and Scott find a home. Guess it’s become

a real family affair, dating back to Ed’s mother. I’m sure that’s a key reason for your success. You know how to grow good relationships

that result in good referrals. I have given you name to several investors.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving yourself. The Davis, Shively, Lilly family is grateful to you for all of your help over the years.


Take care,



Village Green Homes Development Team


What can we say about JJ.  Not enough. JJ is a pro.  She’s pleasantly persistent but not high pressure.  She listens and then sets her sites on finding just the home you want.  As a selling agent she is realistic and never over-promises.  But she always delivers. Most important, though, JJ is guide through a harrowing process.  We have referred friends to JJ and each of them has had nothing but praise for her.  Buying or selling, we would not work with any other realtor.


Sheila Hibbard and George Veto

To whom it may concern:


We are recent new arrivals in West Linn and were fortunate enough to get hooked up with Janeese Jackson to help us in our house hunting adventure.  Janeese is a pleasure to work with and is extremely knowledgeable about the market she serves.  We found her to be a hard worker, looking out for our interests, before, during and after the sale.  We will certainly use her services again.


Garry & Francine Powell

we’ve looked at a few homes close to where our grandkids are, but no realtor has matched your attributes..  Mike mentions you often –that you’re thorough, trusting, attentive to the needs of the client and straight-forward!


have a good year and stay healthy!


Dear JJ:


Thank-you so much for all you do for me. Even extra work, you have never complain.

Love Noriko

thank you for following through.

let me know when i can write you a recommendation for “Real Estate Person Of the Year” award


Thank you.  Have a wonderful holiday season. 

You are the best!

The Silberts


Just so you know, both G and I value your opinion very much and feel very grateful we have someone like you, someone we trust, in the real estate business to advise us. 

Biamp Systems

Hi Janeese,

You are very good about sending interesting, useful, & humorous emails.  You have been very helpful & professional & I appreciate you.

thank you, Julie


By the way, you will probably never have another client (or friend) who loves her house more than ME. No matter how much they pay, or make, or whatever.  JJJ  


Another “By the way” — I really appreciate that you treat us not as potential customers, but as friends. It’s very special that you make the time to respond to my emails and keep in touch, yet you never pressure us in any way, like so many others in the business are obsessed with. Thanks for that. We would never consider working with anyone else in your area. TC



Once again, you are amazing! I want to nominate you for the “best realtor in the world award”! It just couldn´t get any better. marie


I hope you continue to work toward the selling of my condo.  Your business quickness & strong drive is an asset. 

Thank you,


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