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Can You “Save” Your Way to Retirement?

Gotye - "Save Me" "Save your money"!!  If that rings in your ears also, your parent were as concerned as mine!!  Also, "don't lend or borrow money".  Ok,  I learned a LOT from my depression-era-survivor parents when it comes to budgeting.  They made some really smart parenting moves when it came to teaching us to respect hard work and respect the rewards that came from hard work.  I've made a some money, however, "borrowing" money and leveraging it into real estate investments (but, so did my Father).  So, I think they were trying to teach me some lessons about being in debt (even … Read More

What Will Retirement Look Like for YOU??? If You Think You’re Too Young to Think About It…Think Again!

B-52's - "Song for a Future Generation" The closer I get to what could be perceived as "the age of retirement" the further I get from the desire.  This, too, could change.  I know I'm one of the lucky ones!  I actually love my job (most days), need to be useful to be vital and usually enjoy my "work-a-day world"!  So, why retire? HEALTH:  Your first line of defense is your health.  Well, there's that old adage that "sh#! happens" so being prepared (as any good girl scout knows) is paramount!  I've always been blessed with the knowledge that my "health is my greatest wealth".  I… Read More

Drip, Drip, Drip! Is Your Water Bill Out of Control? Be Green to Save Green!!

Songs of Water - "Tempest" Now that it's summertime in Oregon, water usage can spike with landscaping and summer fun. Conserving water to be green while lowering your monthly bill to save green is definitely a win-win situation.  And, anyone who pays a Portland Metro area water bill will sympathize!! Portland has one of the highest water sewer/rates in the country! Little things can contribute significantly to a large water bill.  Here are some facts and stats: Leaky faucets can waste over 1,000 gallons a year Leaky toilets can waste 7,000 gallons a month A five-minute shower sa… Read More

How to Block Spam Text Messages!

Linda Welby - Texting Song (It Wasn't Meant for ME) reprinted from the First American Title, blog: Most individuals who have a wireless cell phone plan receive spam text messages at some point. Spam texts are annoying and can lead to the problem of going over your monthly text message amount if the problem is persistent. Usually, the only way to stop the issue is to go through your wireless carrier. Unfortunately, not all carriers have the ability to stop spam text from coming through, but there are ways you can take measures to block it yourself on your iPhone. Nati… Read More