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What’s “CODE” Got to Do With It? Building Codes, Property Inspections and More?

Tina Turner - "What's Love Got to Do With It?"   Lately I have had multiple experiences where code violations are found during property inspections.  Immediately buyers say "doesn't the seller HAVE to fix that?".  Everything's negotiable in real estate.  Building codes are there for consumer's protection.  However, they change and evolve with the times, general expectations and new innovations.  If you are purchasing an older home, you may find many aspects that have not been updated to today's code standards.  They are "grandfathered" in.  It may or may not concern you as … Read More

It’s Always “Honey-Do” Season When You’re Selling A Home!

Billy Joel - "Honesty"   Contractor Stories... Similar to Diogenes’ search for an honest man, homeowners want someone to do quality repairs at a fair price.  The task appears reasonably easy but if you’ve ever tried to locate someone to fix something, you know just how difficult it is.  Why is that, I ask???  I think it goes back to supply and demand plus a basic personality type that might opt for that type of work.  If you need handyman, maintenance or renovation-type work completed, you need the contractor more than he/she may need you! Finding a list o… Read More

Winding Down as the Dust Settles at the New Duplex Project! Irvington Neighborhood, Portland!OR!

"The Long and Winding Road" - The Beatles The dust quietly settles at the new duplex project in Irvington and only some re-shaping of the landscaping and exterior projects remain.  Both new residents have moved in and one side is settled in, the other is… Read More

July 2011 Portland Metro Real Estate Update!

Queen & David Bowie "Under Pressure" July 2011 Portland Metro Real Estate Update!! Despite the fact that summer refuses to join us this year, our Portland real estate market marches on.  Nationwide, 2011 thus far is the worst year for home sales in history!  However, locally it doesn't necessarily feel that way.  Closed sales were definitely down in June 2011 compared with June 2010, but pending sales jumped compared with last year.  And inventory is the lowest it’s been since July 2007!  At the current rate of sales, the Portland Metro area has only 6 months of invento… Read More