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It’s Down to the Wire: N Mississippi Duplex is Now Rented! Last Minute Details!

"Bird on a Wire": Leonard Cohen  So, my investment partner and I have worked for most of the summer getting our cute, vintage duplex renovated.  You may remember that it is located near the trendy N Mississippi neighborhood (also located at the west … Read More

“Oh, the Humanity”. More Remodeling “Tales of Woe” from the N Mississippi area/Portland Duplex Remodel!

Arno Sluismans - Songs of Woe I am happy to report that I have no sordid tales of murder or general mayhem visited on any IKEA employees or patrons but you may have heard some loud "wailing and gnashing of teeth" at the end of last week as my partner an… Read More

Putting Together Puzzles or Remodeling 101…the Further Adventures of the N Mississippi/Portland Oregon Duplex Remodel!

"Puzzle" by Brandon Walker :-) Okay, so they definitely have the cutest kitchens at reasonable prices at IKEA.  However, I had no idea what a kitchen might look like in boxes.  I met with a great designer at IKEA and she helped me design and decide what… Read More

Remodeling is a Process, More on the Duplex Renovation!

Japanese artists "Ginnisuzu" sing "Progress" Remodeling tests the strength of your resolve.  I feel like it's very much a step-by-step process combining a flexible plan, lot of resiliency and a bit of faith in your vision.  You are watching the rose unf… Read More