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Utilizing a Self-Storage Unit During a Move: Tips and Compare!

"Storage Wars Theme Song" This is a guest post by Matt Schexnayder of Sparefoot Marketing.  Check out and compare storage units for your move!! Top 5 Supplies for Self-Storage Storage So you thought you were ready for your move, until you realized that you just don’t have the space needed at your new home to house all of your belongings. What do you do? Sell your stuff, or perhaps give it away? Sounds displeasing. Instead, consider renting a Portland self-storage unit for the safe keeping of those non-essential items you can’t seem to part with. Self-storage units are the bes… Read More

Money for Movin’ On!!!

  Moving On - Taio Cruz For those who moved in 2010, you may find tax deductions to write-off some of those hefty moving expenses. You can write off relocation costs on your taxes, as long as the move is work-related, according to the IRS. Some IRS-approved deductions for moving include the costs to move household goods and personal property, limited storage and insurance fees, and utility connection or disconnection charges. The IRS also allows for some deductions with lodging and travel expenses near your new and former homes, as well as shipping costs for your car and even the travel a… Read More

New Changes for Homeowners, Home Sellers, Landlords in Oregon!

"Beat It!" Michael Jackson  With all the drama of 2010, we are welcoming what we hope will be positive changes for 2011!!  Some of the changes are already in effect or will be soon.  Many recent changes impact homeowners, home sellers and landlords.  These are all safety issues for ourselves and our tenants.  We should want to "beat this one to the punch"! As of August 1st, 2010, Oregon law requires you to remove an uncertified woodstove or fireplace insert if you are selling your home.  You can tell if your device is certified by looking on the back for a certification sticer fr… Read More

Moving with Children! Preparing, Remembering What’s Important and Getting Settled!

jah jah children "moving up" live in Prague Whether you are moving to or from Portland, are some excellent tips for making the move smoother with children: Before the Move — Preparing Tell your children about the move as soon as you can.  The more time they have to think about and prepare for the move, the easier it will be for them. Give your children a chance to express their feelings, and try to be honest about your own feelings.  Most children will feel some anger, sadness, or worry about the move.  These responses are natural, and kids who have a chance t… Read More