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Selling Homes…It’s All in the Preparation! And, the “Devil is in the Details”!!

"Friend of the Devil" - Counting Crows The Portland, Oregon real estate market has definitely proved itself as "recovering".  And, was recently listed by Yahoo News as #4 of one of the 11 US cities having the best recoveries!  So, what does this mean for sellers?  It means the secret to selling your property still remains the same:  location, price and condition!!!  But, it's a "sellers' market" might say?  Yes, I think the general consensus is that it is definitely a sellers' market in the greater Portland Metro area but that doesn't preclude common sense. Location:  you … Read More

Technology Makes Sustainability Profitable!

"Sustainability Song" Sustainability is a “loaded” term.  I’m confused, bemused and amused by vernacular at times.  I hope you’ll allow me to discover what I mean by sustainability as I write this article.  Webster defines “sustain” as to maintain or prolong or endure or withstand or “to suffer”?  Okay, the “suffering” aside, I’m all over prolonging anything I perceive as positive and ending anything I perceive as negative.  You can argue the economics of sustainability all day but none of it matters (to your bottom line) if it doesn’t further your business ob… Read More

How To Stop Text Message Spam!!

"Spam Song" - Monte Python "How to Stop Text Message Spam" - by First Am By this point, we are all used to junk coming at us.  It’s pretty unbelievable the amount of junk mail that still arrives at homes across America.  Our email accounts… Read More

Real Estate EXCITEMENT! And, What This REALLY Means for Portland Oregon Real Estate Pricing!!!

"I'm So Excited" - The Pointer Sisters   Something different is definitely happening in our local Portland Oregon real estate market!!!   And, this is a good thing for our local real estate, our local economy and our local attitude (of course, just a little sunshine might fix that).  However, what is really happening?  I'm still assessing, but it's definitely not "the sky is falling" environment that we have endured the last few years.   I want to share a story or two, so you can get perspective on just how "finicky" our market might be AND how important it might be to be "p… Read More