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Placido Domingo - "Younger than Springtime" Spring has sprung and we are seeing the usual real estate uptick as we head solidly into the spring selling season.  Activity in the Portland metro area is continuing to trend upward for the first quarter of 2014, but we are not quite as robust as the first quarter of 2013! Total average market time fell to 85 days in March and inventory decreased to 3.1 months (inventory in months is calculated by dividing the active residential listings at the end of the month by the number of closed sales for that month).  The average sales price in the fir… Read More

Can You “Save” Your Way to Retirement?

Gotye - "Save Me" "Save your money"!!  If that rings in your ears also, your parent were as concerned as mine!!  Also, "don't lend or borrow money".  Ok,  I learned a LOT from my depression-era-survivor parents when it comes to budgeting.  They made some really smart parenting moves when it came to teaching us to respect hard work and respect the rewards that came from hard work.  I've made a some money, however, "borrowing" money and leveraging it into real estate investments (but, so did my Father).  So, I think they were trying to teach me some lessons about being in debt (even … Read More

Updated Waiting Periods for Obtaining New Financing After Short-Sale or Bankruptcy!!

Tony! Toni! Toné! - Feels Good   CONVENTIONAL LOANS | DETERMINED BY CREDIT REPORT DEROGATORY ITEM WAITING PERIODS Foreclosure Home was given back to the bank - No owner participation. • 7 years from date foreclosure completed and transferred back to bank. Short Sale Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Short Sale: Home sold but sales price didn’t cover amount owed. Deed in Lieu: Home returned to lender in exchange for canceling loan. • 7 years from date sale closed an… Read More

What Property Buyers Regret in Portland, OR Real Estate!!!

"Uncertainty" - The Fray I've been doing this for soooooo long that I do have some stories to tell.  I'm speaking of consulting with buyers and sellers on a pretty big decision...buying or selling a home.  You've heard of "buyer's remorse", I'm sure.  That phrase refers to buyers who make an offer and, then, suddenly have a bout of regret or anxiety (perfectly normal when making the largest purchase most of us make).  And, though it may have happened more than I know, that's not what I'm writing about (and, I have to say that my personal experience indicates that it's more rare than s… Read More