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I Need a Job……..

"I Need this Job" from A Chorus Line. yeah...that's right!  I NEED a job!!  And, I'm not just referring to the fact that in a real estate career, you wake up every morning looking for your next job.  I'm referring to a deep requirement for that feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment. I've always been a hard worker, nose-t0-the-grindstone and all that jazz.  In the last few years I've been giving myself the gift of more travel.  And, it IS a gift!  I've always had a sense of adventure and have enjoyed new experiences but I've had the recent luxury of getting away more.  And, I… Read More

My Excellent “Aussie-Kiwi” Adventure!

My Excellent "Aussie-Kiwi" Adventure! Just in case you have missed my awe-inspiring real estate opinions, I've been on vacation! Yes...VACA...and for 3 weeks, no less! So, here are my experiences in a VERY "Reader's Digest Condensed Version". Enjoy... Tr… Read More

Rogue River Adventure-On the Rogue again-One of My All-Time Favorite Vacations!

"On the Road Again" Willy Nelson's live performance in 2007 "On the Rogue again...just can't wait to get on the Rogue again".  (Forgive me Willy).  So, I'll be taking off tomorrow to raft the  Rogue River  in Southern Oregon for a well-deserved and way-too-short vacation.  However, I'm grateful for whatever time I can spend with friends on a river!  This is our annual "Girls Getaway" and we have been doing some version of this trip since around 1984!!  Its "girl-time", camaraderie, laughs, peace and quiet, great food and drink.  We raft and camp along the Rogue River in Southern O… Read More

Reflections from a “Soul Sister” City. Vancouver BC and Portland Oregon

great rendition of Train's "Hey, Soul Sister" by Kollaboration. So, I had a terrific opportunity to share a road trip to Vancouver and Victoria BC and other than enjoying some well-deserved "R n R", I was fascinated by the similarities between Vancouver… Read More