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Why Utilize a 1031 TAX-DEFERRED Exchange When Selling Investment Property??

"Movin' on Up" - The Jefferson's Theme Song Very simply put, a 1031 exchange is a tax-deferral technique!  The IRS's internal revenue code "Section 1031" (thus, the name "1031 exchange") allows an owner of property held for productive use in a trade of business, or for investment, to defer payment of taxes on any gain realized in the sale IF they exchange for "like-kind" property.  The tax is deferred (but not avoided) by transferring the basis in the relinquished or sold property to the replacement property. So, you ask, what is "like-kind" property?  Actually, all real property ca… Read More

December Holiday Events in the Portland, Oregon Area!

"Thanksgiving Song" - Mary Chapin Carpenter Happy Thanksgiving one and all!   I hope you get to spend it with the ones you love!  Gratitude is a very good thing!!!  :-) Nov 29 - Dec 1, Dec 6 - 8 – AMERICA’S LARGEST CHRISTMAS BAZAAR.
 Over 400 booths of handcrafted and/or commercial products at America’s Largest Christmas Bazaar held at the Portland Expo Center. Friday & Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm Nov 29 - Dec 1, Dec 6 -8 & Dec 13 -15 – THE HOLIDAY EXPRESS TRAIN.  
Leaving Oaks Par… Read More

School Rankings in Oregon

Jack Black - Math Song Portland has enjoyed an influx of new residents.  I see it both in my real estate business and with my rental properties.  And, even though, IFC's TV program, "Portlandia" likes to poke fun at our fair city as "Portland, where young people come to retire", I'm seeing a lot of newcomers gainfully employed and ready to give back to our community.  With families, often one of the first concerns is our schools.  Oregon Live produced an article on the rankings of Oregon schools.  Check it out HERE!  Remember, some very successful entrepreneurs never graduate, but H… Read More

How to Block Spam Text Messages!

Linda Welby - Texting Song (It Wasn't Meant for ME) reprinted from the First American Title, blog: Most individuals who have a wireless cell phone plan receive spam text messages at some point. Spam texts are annoying and can lead to the problem of going over your monthly text message amount if the problem is persistent. Usually, the only way to stop the issue is to go through your wireless carrier. Unfortunately, not all carriers have the ability to stop spam text from coming through, but there are ways you can take measures to block it yourself on your iPhone. Nati… Read More