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October 2012 Portland Metro Real Estate Update!!

"California Dreamin'" - the Mamas & the Papas "All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray".  Except for Portland skies!!  It's definitely Autumn in Portland and what an absolutely fantastic fall it has been so far!  And, it's accompanied by some absolutely fantastic real estate news.  Perhaps, I'm prone to exaggeration, but our real estate market IS continuing the market recovery that began in earnest last December 2011.  All real estate activity again showed improvement when comparing September 2012 with September 2011!  Activity did drop a bit from the August heights, but that… Read More

10 Questions to Ask Prior to Purchasing a Condo!

"There are More Questions than Answers" - Prince Tui Teka   Condo ownership can be "easy living"!  It's not for everyone but those that embrace it know the compromises you make in a communal living environment!  Condos have definitely gained popularity in Oregon in the last 20 years.  In Portland, we've seen urban condo neighborhoods develop in the Pearl District, downtown, NW Alphabet District, John's Landing and the South Waterfront! In the state of Oregon we have what's called a "Condo/Townhome Sale Agreement" or a "Condo/Townhome Addendum" that can be added to any sale a… Read More

Buying a Condo? Find the Answers to These Questions Before You Buy!!!

"Easy Living" with Billie Holiday  Whether buying a condo here in the Portland Oregon metro area or elsewhere, there are certain things every condo owner should want to know!!  I love condo living.  It's what I like to call "easy living" and it definitely suits some people ... especially at certain stages of their lives.  For that young single person or couple who wants to travel a lot, work a lot or enjoy urban environments!  For that single person or couple of any age who doesn't want spend their free weekend "edging the lawn"!  For that single woman, man or couple who can't hand… Read More