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Property Inspection Addendums: “Do’s & Don’ts”

Relax Don't Do It - Frankie Goes to Hollywood Some good ideas when composing your property inspection addendum.  This list is taken from Rodd Miller of Pacific Residential Mortgage, who can be reached at if you have other questions.  Basically, as a buyer you want to get the home you are attempting to purchase with as many items of concern addressed or negotiated prior to close of escrow without getting the lender involved in the process.  Why wouldn't you want the lender involved?  You do not want underwriting concerns generated by the lending instituti… Read More

Bi-Weekly Mortgages vs “Over-Paying” Your Mortgage!

"I Dreamed a Dream" - Susan Boyle You may have received offers in the mail from various lending institutions regarding setting up a bi-weekly mortgage payment, thus, paying down your mortgage at a faster rate.  Of course, any way you can contrive to pay less interest and/or pay off your mortgage loan more quickly can be a good thing (but, not always, there are a lot of factors)(I believe it's a good financial move IF it's your primary residence; investment properties give a better ROI/return on investment by using OPM/other people's money)!!  Lending institutions will generally charg… Read More

What Determines the Interest Rate on My Mortgage?

Kwanzaa Songs Kujichagulia Self Determination Today's post is a re-post from Eric Newman of NW Mortgage Group.  It contains interesting and very informative FAQ's  if you are considering purchasing a home or investment property.  This includes a very g… Read More

If You Are Thinking About Real Estate, Why Think About the $$$ First??

"Money, Money, Money" from Mama Mia Money, money, money!  Everyone wants a piece of your pie?  I know I rant about this aspect of the home or investment buying process endlessly but I can't emphasize enough how you need to get the financial details clarified and be as comfortable as possible with the process prior to even beginning your search!!!  Why? (you may ask).  Let me shed some light..... Why get pre-approved for your mortgage?  Let me count the reasons!!  One of the most important reasons is "confidence".  It is for your benefit that you meet with a trusted mortgage brok… Read More