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Hoyt Arboretum Visitor Center in Portland Oregon

Hoyt Arboretum Visitor Center in Portland Oregon

So, I’m continuing my exploration of Portland and our former five days of “wall-to-wall sunshine” made another hike a requirement!!  You can see more about my park adventures and Forest Park, in particular, in a former post The Wonders of Portland .  This time I meandered up the trails to the Hoyt Arboretum Visitor Center and found an absolute wealth of information on the fabulous park trails in Portland!  They offered plenty of trail maps (instead of my usual wandering aimlessly, I can plan for the areas of the park I want to discover), lots of historical data about the park and information on the endless varieties of trees.  We have a world-famous collection of conifers, by the way.  You can choose to hike through the Evergreens or enjoy the Oaks, Elms and Magnolias.  All the trees are labeled and the trail names reflect the interesting variety.  I didn’t realize there was a fire in 1889 that burned almost everything to the ground.  Trees were re-planted by Hoyt Arboretum in 1931.  Some of the native trees were left and, thus, there is a unique mixture of native and exotic species!  There are over 8,000 specimens representing more than 111 plant families.  It’s fun being a tourist in your own backyard!!! 

Pittock Mansion: a nice piece of real estate in Portland Oregon

A nice piece of real estate in Portland Oregon

If you continue up the trails (and you have your choice of varying durations and exertion) you can choose to visit the Pittock Mansion!  This grand old dame is full of Portland history and charm and the spectacular view can include all of downtown Portland plus Mt Hood, Mt St Helens, Mt Adams and even Mt Rainier!!!

View of downtown Portland & Mt Hood from the Pittock Mansion
View of downtown Portland & Mt Hood from the Pittock Mansion!

This is another way for someone obsessed about Portland Oregon real estate to enjoy some priceless land and tour a fabulous home! 

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