In Appreciation of One of the Many Portland Wonders!


I was thinking I would go cross-country skiing this weekend, but the warm mountain conditions made me re-think.  We had this welcome respite from the rain and the sun peeked out on a warm-ish Saturday in Portland, Oregon and I headed to Forest Park.  It’s actually so amazing that we have this landmark park right in our city limits (well, some of it is in the Portland city limits while the rest resides in unincorporated Multnomah County).  But, we can enjoy over 5,000 acres of beautiful, lush forest with 70 miles of recreational trails (including the Wildwood Trail that I hiked today).  It is one of the country’s largest urban forest reserves!!There are 112 bird species and over 62 mammal species alongside 2nd growth trees and some old growth.  Today some of the trails had a “need for speed” and others had a “need for cleats” (as the mud was deep and mucky).  I’m always fascinated by the hikers, runners, mountain bikers, meandering families with baby strollers, dogs and kids.  It’s a fabulous local natural resource!   What a great day!!!                                                                 

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